Tom Blees – Head of Corporate Initiatives

Tom Blees is the President of the Science Council for Global Initiatives (SCGI), an international NGO that includes climatologists, scientists, and engineers involved in cutting-edge energy systems and climate research. In his professional history, Mr. Blees has acted as a consultant and energy systems advisor to private industry and governments from the local to the international level.

Mr. Blees is also on the board of The World Energy Forum, a UN- & World Bank-affiliated organization and a member of the selection committee for the Global Energy Prize, considered Russia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize for energy research.

Author of the book “Prescription for the Planet – The Painless Remedy for Our Energy & Environmental Crisis”, he is actively involved in encouraging and coordinating high level international cooperation on advanced nuclear power system and fuel cycle projects with the USA, Russia, South Korea, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and other countries.