Condensation Repression Isotope Selective Laser Activation (CRISLA)

A demonstrated US-origin laser enrichment technology that is scalable, efficient and cost competitive.

  • Conceptualized and patented by pioneer and father of Laser Enrichment – Jeff Eerkens, Ph.D
  • Experimentally demonstrated on several occasions (80’s and 90’s) up to LEU level
  • Technology avoids many of the scaling issues of other Laser Enrichment schemes
  • LIS Technologies is a USA based company, which opens additional opportunities (i.e. fuel for US Navy fleet, HALEU fuel for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), chemical extraction of Mo-99 from MOX fuels, medical isotopes, etc.)
The Laser Enrichment Process – 3 Steps

Step 1: Preparing the UF6

Step 2: Selective Excitation

Step 3: Product Harvesting

Patented Technology

Process and Apparatus for Condensation Repression Isotope Selective Laser Activation

Key Features:

The CRISLA technology has several advantages over diffusion, centrifuge and/or other laser enrichment processes:

  • Selective excitation of the 3ʋ3 vibrational mode of 235UF6
  • Simplified architecture due to low absorption and shorter wavelength 
  • Lowest comparative enrichment costs with high efficiency
    and throughput
  • Avoids the issues found in legacy pulsed 16µm CO2 lasers
  • Flexible in feed and/or product assay, optimized for LEU or HALEU fuel