LIS Technologies Inc. (“LIST” or “the Company”), a proprietary developer of advanced laser technology and the only USA-origin patented laser uranium enrichment company, just announced that it has appointed Randall L. Beatty, Ph.D., former Science Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to Russia and distinguished research and development staff member in the Nuclear Security and Isotope Technology Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as its Director for Regulatory Affairs.

“The United States has shown a strong interest in finding safe, domestic energy solutions,” said Randall L. Beatty, Ph.D., Director for Regulatory Affairs for LIS Technologies Inc. “Nuclear energy presents a promising option to meet this demand. However, harnessing its full potential requires advanced technologies and innovative ideas. With CRISLA being the only US-origin laser enrichment technology, I’m convinced that the work being done by the LIST team will become increasingly vital in the near future and I am excited to be a part of this endeavor.”

Dr. Randy Beatty is an international fuel cycle specialist with decades of technical expertise in export control, scientific cooperation, nuclear fuel cycle, and uranium processing with an emphasis on enrichment and fuel fabrication. Dr. Beatty retired from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2019, where he was a distinguished research and development staff member in the Nuclear Security and Isotope Technology Division.

Figure 1 – LIS Technologies Inc. Appoints Randall L. Beatty, Ph.D., as its Director for Regulatory Affairs.

He also served as a Laboratory Lead at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy for China Cooperation; was the National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratory Lead for South African HEU Minimization; and Program Manager/Section Head for the International Project on Innovative Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. He was also a senior diplomatic officer in Moscow Russia and the Deputy Executive Director for the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC).

“Dr. Beatty is a very skilled and experienced professional and we are very pleased to welcome him to LIS Technologies,” said Christo Liebenberg, Chief Executive Officer of LIS Technologies Inc. “His extensive experience in addressing international issues, adept problem-solving skills and ingrained understanding of the technological requirements and regulatory landscape are qualities we will look to draw on to further enhance shareholder value and advance our laser technologies.”

The United States is currently undergoing a strategic restructuring of its nuclear energy sector, aimed at enhancing competitiveness on the global stage and reinforcing its energy independence. Accordingly, the Nuclear Fuel Security Act, which directs the Department of Energy (DOE) to prioritize activities to increase domestic production of low enriched uranium (LEU) and accelerate efforts the ensure the availability to high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU), overwhelmingly passed the Senate for inclusion in the fiscal year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Dr Beatty to the team,” said Jeffrey L. Binder, Ph.D., MBA, Technical Nuclear Advisor of LIS Technologies Inc. “His grasp of policies and profound insight into the marketplace will serve as invaluable resources for the coming future. I am eagerly anticipating the next phase in the evolution of our Company.”