LIS Technologies Inc. (“LIST” or “the Company”), a USA based, proprietary developer of a patented advanced laser enrichment technology, announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Curio Legacy Ventures, a subsidiary of Curio Solutions, to explore beneficial applications of the LIS technology for efficient recovery of usable uranium isotopes from commercial used nuclear fuel (UNF).

Figure 1 – LIS Technologies Inc. Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Curio Legacy Ventures

Curio is the owner and developer of the NuCycle® (NuCycle) technology, which intends to produce, on a global scale, a wide range of isotopes with existing and foreseen market demand via its advanced recycling technology. These products range from uranium for existing reactors, transuranic-based fuels for advanced reactors, and a wide range of isotopes for medical, industrial, space, and defense applications. This collaborative initiative is geared towards determining the feasibility of the efficient enrichment of uranium recovered from UNF via laser isotope separation, and establishing a framework and procedures for the storage, management, and transportation of products derived from the prospective activities of a NuCycle facility as it relates to this collaboration.

Ed McGinnis, CEO of Curio, expressed his enthusiasm about the MOU, stating, “We are delighted to collaborate with LIS Technologies to greatly increase the value of recycled uranium in a manner that is not only environmentally responsible but also economically efficient.” McGinnis emphasized, “NuCycle represents a step change in nuclear recycling technology, and this collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing the full potential of what recycling UNF can offer to the nuclear industry.” The joint efforts and future endeavors that may arise from this MOU hold the promise of revolutionizing the nuclear fuel market.

“The memorandum of understanding with Curio represents a strategic evolution for the Company,” said Christo Liebenberg, CEO of LIS Technologies Inc. “Our patented CRISLA technology stands at the forefront of innovation, and this collaboration with Curio presents an invaluable opportunity to leverage the unique strengths of our respective entities and explore the practical applications for our patented LIS technology, particularly in the context of uranium and the expanding domestic nuclear energy sector.”

The proprietary laser-based technique developed by LIST offers greater energy-efficiency and has the potential to be deployed with highly competitive capital and operational costs. This technology is versatile, with potential applications spanning uranium enrichment for nuclear fuel, the synthesis of stable isotopes critical for medical and other scientific research, and in the growing field of quantum computing, particularly in the manufacturing of semiconductor technologies. A United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent safeguards the company’s unique process for selectively exciting and harvesting a specific isotopic species in a supersonic low-pressure flow chamber.

About Curio Legacy Ventures

Established with the primary mission to address the critical challenge posed by used nuclear fuel disposition, Curio is pioneering technologies to develop a closed fuel cycle. Its flagship technology NuCycle® is a patented process for nuclear fuel recycling. This innovative technology not only tackles environmental and security concerns but also unlocks vast market opportunities, supporting the nuclear industry of tomorrow.

Imagining a future where nuclear power not only sustains but actively advances global prosperity, Curio is dedicated to unleashing the full potential of nuclear technologies and ushering in THE SECOND NUCLEAR ERA®. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, Curio aims to establish clean nuclear power as the cornerstone of a prosperous and sustainable future. Everyone is invited to join in shaping the next chapter of nuclear excellence with Curio.