LIS Technologies Inc. (“LIST” or “the Company”), a proprietary developer of advanced laser technology and the only USA-origin patented laser uranium enrichment company, announced the addition of two experienced professionals to its team.

Kevin Duenow will take on the role of Senior Systems Engineer and Adam Duenow joins as a Laboratory Technician. These appointments are important to the Company’s strategic initiative to reinvigorate CRISLA technologies with a clear and defined focus.

“I am delighted to introduce Kevin and Adam as the newest members of our technical team,” said Christo Liebenberg, Chief Executive Officer of LIS Technologies, Inc. “Kevin and Adam are both highly driven and knowledgeable in their respective fields. Their addition is a key step on a long-term strategy to help develop our proprietary technology while ensuring adherence to compliance standards at every juncture.”

Kevin Duenow (Left) – LIST Technologies Inc. Senior Systems Engineer & Adam Duenow (Right) – LIS Technologies Inc. Laboratory Technician

Kevin Duenow has over 35 years of experience in high-power laser systems. In the early 90’s he worked as a Laser and Electronics Engineer on the AVLIS laser enrichment program at LLNL. In 1991 he contributed to NASA’s Crustal Dynamics Program to support accurate satellite laser ranging. By 1995, Mr. Duenow joined Cymer/ASML HOLDING N.V., working on excimer DUV lasers and later EUV laser systems used for semiconductor chip manufacturing. He has intimate knowledge of laser gas discharge chambers, high voltage power supplies, vacuum systems in the presence of corrosive gases, CO2 lasers & power amplifiers, and various optical alignment techniques.

Adam Duenow was in his previous role as a Lab Technician part of Mettler-Toledo Rainin, where he gained experience with 3D-CAD design and 3D printing, Labview automation & control, and electronic breadboard soldering. He has previously worked at ASML HOLDING N.V. as a lab assistant where he was trained in the art of arc welding of vacuum tight pipes and fittings and the machining of custom parts for early-stage projects.

CRISLA technology is versatile, with potential applications spanning uranium enrichment for nuclear fuel, the synthesis of stable isotopes critical for medical and other scientific research, and in the growing field of quantum computing, particularly in the manufacturing of semiconductor technologies.

A United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent safeguards the Company’s unique process for selectively exciting and harvesting a specific isotopic species in a novel separator system. This proprietary laser-based technique offers greater energy-efficiency and has the potential to be deployed with highly competitive capital and operational costs.